Arion Hotel In Kolymvari - Chania, Crete

Kolimbari is a beautiful seaside village and is located 24 km west of the city of Chania. Its beach extends a long distance to Tavronitis, and has pebbles and gray sand, while part of it is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach is also a breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta turtle, as well as the whole wider area, so it is very likely that you will see parts of the beach fenced with special cages to protect the nests.

The village is famous for its fish taverns that are worth visiting, as well as for a walk in the alleys or to enjoy your coffee overlooking the harbor. Right after Kolimbari begins the Rodopou Peninsula, which is part of the Natura 2000 protection network and has landscapes of exceptional beauty. Just outside the village are the Orthodox Academy of Crete and the historic Monastery of Gonia which dates from the 17th century and has a rich collection of valuable icons.

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Hermes Hotel in Kissamos - Chania, Crete

Kissamos is a beautiful, seaside town, located 35 km west of the city of Chania on the island of Crete.

Tourism in Kissamos has not had an effect on the genuine Cretan tradition that characterizes the life and events of the inhabitants. Throughout the year and especially in summer, rich cultural events are organized and it will be a real experience for the visitor to be at a Cretan feast. There you can become one with the rest of the people that will surely treat you some raki or authentic wine of Kissamos.

At the Archaeological Museum, a building in Tzanakaki Square, among other things one can admire the impressive mosaics from Roman times, which remain unchanged until today.

The city center harmoniously combines the traditional with the modern. In the streets and squares you can find many restored buildings with shops of all kinds, traditional cafes but also many modern cafes, perfectly designed according to the trends of modern times. The reference point of the summer for Kissamos is the "Telonio Beach". This is the name of the beach walkway where you can really enjoy your drink or food, overlooking the endless blue in the various cafes - bars and restaurants that remain open from morning until late at night.

In one hour, the island of Gramvousa and the dreamy lagoon of Balos can become a unique excursion of the day with the daily cruise from the port of Kissamos. Also, the unique and award-winning beaches of Falasarna and Elafonissi are located a few kilometers from the center of Kissamos.

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Gt Beach in Maleme - Chania, Crete

Maleme is a beautiful seaside village in the municipality of Platanias and is 16 km from the city center of Chania. It is known for its history, attractions, clean and beautiful beaches and tourist infrastructure. In Maleme is the historic "Maleme Airport" where the toughest and most important battle in the history of the "Battle of Crete" during World War II took place.

Today, Maleme is a modern tourist village with modern tourist infrastructure and services. It has a doctor's office, pharmacy, many modern hotel units, taverns, cafes, gas station, product stores and tourist stores.

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